Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that represents a health risk. According to WHO, in Europe, about 50% of the population is overweight, and 30% – a clear obesity. Complications that can cause obesity:

– Diabetes,

– Heart disease,

– High blood pressure

– Enhanced blood cholesterol

– Osteoarthritis,

– Cancer of the colon, rectum, prostate (in men) or the breast, uterus or cervix (in women),

– Psychological problems, low self-esteem.

Increased pressure on the bone skeleton and joints lead to deformation and dystrophic changes. Obesity significantly reduces the lifespan: an average of 3-5 years with a slight excess of body weight up to 15-20 years in patients with severe obesity. At extremely expressed forms morbid obesity patients are profound disabilities shall not be able to leave the house, take care of themselves.

That is why it is necessary to promptly and competently to begin treatment of obesity. Only surgery can restore obese patients to normal life and prevent disability. Conservative treatments are expensive and inefficient. The only method for treating obesity, which allows to solve the problem of overweight once and for all, this surgical treatment.

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